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it's heART time!

…a traveling interactive art-making space for elementary

and middle school kids



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it’s heART time! is about creating space for kids to engage their hands and their hearts by…

What is it?

When a child is given permission to engage their creativity while spending time in a loving atmosphere of imagination and wonder, his/her heart is being restored.

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What does it look like?

it’s heART time! is a laid-back, pop-up creative craft space for kids. It can take place through a local library, a public community space, a recreation center, camp or summer school program, or in the home of a neighborhood parent who is looking to give his/her kids and their friends something to do.

This is a 2-hr time frame designed to allow kids an outlet to create while also giving parents a much-needed break in their day. Parents need simply to drop off and pick up their kids after the 2-hr time frame.



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How do I host one?

hosting it’s heART time!  is simple, fun, and stress free

1. Determine a date and time with Joy that works best for your space: weekly, bi-weekly, or as a one-time occasion.


2. Communicate the “what”, “where”, and “when” to interested parents.


3. Have parents bring their children on determined day.


4. Provide the following...

a table - large enough to seat 7

Joy and up to 6 kids

a garbage can for tossing craft scraps

a nearby sink for kids to wash their hands afterwards

a nearby electrical outlet for crafts that require tools like hot glue



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How much does it cost?


A 2-hr booking with up to 6 kids is a flat fee of $150


(an additional mileage fee will be applied outside of Harrisburg metropolitan radius)


Please consult Joy for pricing with regard to setting up an art table for your community’s street festival or fair. Pricing for this type of event will vary based on hourly commitment and providing materials for an incoming flux of children throughout the duration of the event.


Thanks for contacting me. I'll be in touch 

it’s heART time!   Gallery

"Joy brought a positive attitude and a lot of energy into every interaction with my children. She would always come up with fun interactive projects for them to work on. She listened to their thoughts and ideas attentively creating strong bonds of trust and making them feel safe and validated. At the same time she was good with setting up healthy boundaries and saying no when necessary."
Angela C. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Joy has an amazing, easy-going presence around our children. We love having her take care of our children and trust that they are being taken care of when she is here. She provides well rounded care, and is so creative with thinking of things to do with the kids. She keeps their bodies active and their minds creating!
Alisan B.  (Philadelphia, PA)
We felt blessed that Joy shared her time with our daughter! She encouraged the creative side of my daughter while boosting her self esteem, all in a lighthearted way. Joy is a true teacher, she is able to pick up on what is happening with children in the moment and adjust the lessons accordingly. My daughter always looked forward to their time together and has learned skills that she will carry with her for life.
Calli B.  (Philadelphia, PA) 

the backstory

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the backstory


Hello! My name is Joy Ike. I’m what they call a “Creator”.  As a professional artist of almost 20 years, my specialty has been creating moments for people to tend to their heart through the arts.


Since 2005 I have lived as a singer/songwriter/storyteller traveling across the country performing concerts in theaters, libraries, art galleries, traditional music venues, college campuses, homes, and art festivals.


As the years have gone by, I’ve learned two things

1.   Nobody likes art as much as kids!

2.  The only thing better than watching someone make art, is making it yourself!

Shortly after the pandemic, while still living in Philadelphia, I was contracted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to take visual art projects to various CHOP-sponsored community centers across the city, giving children opportunities they were no longer being afforded in their school environments. 


The 3-month project was modeled after a 1-year program I had begun in my neighborhood called “Paint on the Porch” - a personal labor of love meant to engage kids who were aimlessly roaming the block during the day as a casualty of post-pandemic boredom. 


Engaging in weekly art projects with the kids created an opportunity to give them a safe space for healthy attention, heart attunement (connecting to their emotions), and FUN!


With this, I realized my years making music for an older demographic was transitioning into my true passion - making art with the little ones!

It’s heART time!  is a personal labor of love because my heart came alive through art and I love watching kids experience that same 'joy'!

I am looking forward to creating with your young one(s) and I can’t wait to meet them!

The arts truly are the window the heART!

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