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What would happen if we put on love in the way we put on all the other things we carry each day - our heaviness, our disappointments, our anger, our pride, our political affiliations...our clothes? What would it look like to action something that feels so intangible and maybe even inconsequential.

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If what you see is all you see then you"
"do not see all there is to be seen

Kirk Franklin~ 

photo credit: Anthony Harper

This belief is at the core of Wearing Love.


Our bodies have carried the weight of a broken world these last few years. As we’ve witnessed the fallout in our own lives and the lives around us, it’s become apparent that nothing we could ever say could speak louder than our love. In fact, most of our words just bounce off the walls of our own echo chambers if they’re not harsh enough to cut through.

Our whole lives we've been taught that love is a verb…and it is. 

But first and foremost it is a posture of the heart. And every outward movement we make is a byproduct of this unseen internal positioning that pulls the invisible into the realm of the visible. It’s the creative nature of what we do as artists and it's how we all live and move as human works of art in the world...whether we like what comes out or not. 


There’s nothing grandiose about this endeavor. Its just an honest effort to flower the world with truth and give people an opportunity to outwardly reflect this inward posture. I think sometimes it will work backwards and the literal "putting on" will be a needed reminder to "put on" a new perspective.

This brand is for both wearers and watchers and the message is simple - LOVE.


Joy Ike

Wearing Love Founder

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