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Cancer kicked my butt TWICE, but I fought back hard!

I’ve been keeping this secret to myself but after today I have to share!

Cancer kicked my butt TWICE but through will, determination, my faith and a team to support me, I fought back hard.

Cancer left my health in pieces that I’ve been slowly putting back together.

I graduated from an exercise oncology program that gave me the boost to get back on my feet. BUT with medications and hormone changes I’ve struggled to come back these past few years.

So what do I do?

I fight back harder.

There is a force inside of me that is plowing forward, healing and restoring me one piece at a time. Today was one of those epic moments when I was put to the test and with my own strength, I could not do it but with those powerful ingredients next to me - will, determination, faith and a support system... I overcame!

I’ve come a long way. BUT there’s more to come!!

As long as I’m alive .. I will give it all I’ve got!

This was more than a 275lb tire flip for me. This was an I’M ALIVE!!!!!!! moment!!!

Thank you to my sister in law who is on this journey with me. She’s always been there and continues to be there. We faithfully wake up at 5am to not miss our class. Thank you to my friend, Amber Denise, for inspiring me! Thank you to my husband, Barnabas, for supporting me...getting the kids off to school so that I can workout; and for cheering me on. Thank you Charles Cook-Master, my Trainer, for pushing me to new limits.

This journey has just begun but it is giving me LIFE!!!

Two weeks in and here is where I’m at.

I did this. TODAY!!

God is Good!

I get to live this life. It’s ok if it’s hard and unfair with many obstacles… as long as I get to live.

Thank you Jesus for another day!!!

Go get it!!!!!

Amanda Agwuocha

Pittsburgh, PA

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