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We don't have to earn God's love

I had been asking God for a few weeks what heaven sounds like.  I wanted to hear it!  Are you singing what we’re singing down here?  Are you guys singing something different up there?  What’s going on?!  I asked Him bunches of times every day.  Nothing.  Not one note or lyric or anything. Just silence.

One morning when I was asleep in my bed, my roommate slammed a door shut and woke me up. I was very annoyed.  I had previously talked with her about being quiet in the morning and she didn’t seem to understand or care or realize how loud she actually was. 

As I was laying in bed fuming about how annoying and wrong she was, out of nowhere I heard crystal clear music for a couple of seconds.  That made me even more angry!!  Why is she playing music now, at 6am?!!?  And then I realized, I had ear plugs in.  There’s no way I would have been able to hear music that clearly with ear plugs in.  Being a little confused, I took the ear plugs out and then it dawned on me: I had just heard what heaven sounds like. 

WHAT?!  WHY?!!  I was shocked, surprised and just about instantly in a better mood. Lol!  Excitement grew as I laid there in bed. Bewilderment also grew…

"His kindness and His goodness are not dependent on mine."

Why did God choose that moment to answer my prayer?  That moment when I was mad and throwing shade at my roommate. That moment when I wasn’t being kind to anyone else. That moment when I was at my worst and definitely didn’t deserve to get what I wanted.

I think He chose that moment, so I would know that His kindness and His goodness are not dependent on mine.  I think He chose that moment, because that’s when I needed it the most.  If He had answered that prayer earlier or when I was doing a “good deed” I probably would’ve thought He answered it based on my behavior.

I’m so glad He chose that moment to answer my prayer and to show me that He is good and kind, simply because that’s who He is. We don’t have to earn His love.

Janelle Gmitter

Mechanicsburg, PA

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