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Art is An Open Door to Love

As an artist, I’m often reminded that there is a deeper purpose when I share my art with others. No matter what I paint, my heart’s desire is for people to feel the love of God emanating from my artwork, like an open door to the Father’s heart. Every time.

Often my interactions with people as I talk about my art reminds me it’s not about the art itself, it’s about whose heart God wants my art to touch. A recent Pop up Art event this summer was full of these reminders:

The woman who did prison ministry, and bought some of my art cards to encourage her inmates…

The little girl who came into my tent, drew a picture of a lion and a monkey for me and my friend, told us she was an artist, and lit up when we affirmed her in that!

The woman who pulled down her sunglasses to reveal tearful eyes as she looked at one of my paintings “Offering” which shows a woman kneeling before God and being refined in His fire as she puts herself on the altar...

The trans woman ‘Cherise’ who took one look at my painting called “Overflow” (of a little girl standing at an open doorway into a light filled world of possibilities and abundance), and said “that’s me.”

The woman who shared how she had endured years of incest in her family and how it was a generational cycle that had affected her son, and when my friend pointed to one of my paintings and said “this symbolizes hope for you and your kids” she looked up in surprise and was nearly brought to tears...

These are just a few of the beautiful souls who wandered into my booth at that Pop Up Art festival on a summer day in Philly. It was a privilege to share my art and some joy with them all. I believe seeds of love were sown in their hearts, and my hope is that they grow.

Marguerite Anglin

Philadelphia, PA


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